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Zenoti - Talent Acquisition Film: The video was created for all Asia viewing as the Indian branch is looking to recruit more employees. The video is made to attract new talent while truly bringing out the work atmosphere and the cheer among the employees. Since the film is on the website, any details about the company that could be got by reading through have not been included in the video. This film is meant to capture emotion and it truly does by bringing out genuine reactions and real emotions about the company. STOM Productions handled the complete production from scripting to execution, bringing on board the entire crew for pre production, production and post production.

Price includes:

Ideas & Concepts
Video editing
Script Development
Land surveying
Shoot Equipments & Gear
Studio / Location
User groups
Production Crew
Video call
Custom Video Shoot
Google images
Onlocation Photo Shoot
Flash auto
2D / 3D Animations
Illustrations & Graphics
Motion Graphics
Magic wand
Special Effects / VFX
Male / Female Voiceover
Video Music / Soundtrack
Text box
Text & Titles
Video trimming
Professional Video Editing
2 Free Revisions

About Sarah Thomas:

STOM Productions is a film production house based in Bangalore, specialising in the execution of TVC's, digital ad films, corporate video and photoshoots. Bringing on board the skilled directors and technical teams from across the country, to give a brand the best video output.

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