Promo Film for The Man Company

Live Action Style Can deliver in 30 Days ₹ 1,00,000/- onwards

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About this work:

Have you ever wondered what a beard means to a man? It could be an expression of freedom, a sign of maturity or a desire to be wild. This M O V E M B E R let’s redefine what it means to you and let it grow! Your beard is what you want it to be! Let's #BreakBeardBarriers #themancompany #noshavenovember #movember #beardsome

Price includes:

Ideas & Concepts
Video editing
Script Development
Conference call
Actors & Models
Land surveying
Shoot Equipments & Gear
Studio / Location
User groups
Production Crew
Video call
Custom Video Shoot
Illustrations & Graphics
Male / Female Voiceover
Video Music / Soundtrack
Text box
Text & Titles
Video trimming
Professional Video Editing
3 Free Revisions

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With a growing demand for a Digital Presence, we at Creative Control are offering a cost effective way to market yourself online. Online being the future of advertising, and that future is almost here, it is almost suicide for a brand (especially start-ups) not to have a digital presence.

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