Wacky Chitrakatha Promo | Girgit Studios

Mix of Both Style Can deliver in 30 Days ₹ 5,00,000/- onwards

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About this work:

A wacky experimental promo for a crazy Animation Festival "Chitrakatha".

Price includes:

Ideas & Concepts
Video editing
Script Development
Conference call
Actors & Models
Land surveying
Shoot Equipments & Gear
User groups
Production Crew
Video call
Custom Video Shoot
Google images
Onlocation Photo Shoot
Flash auto
2D / 3D Animations
Illustrations & Graphics
Motion Graphics
Magic wand
Special Effects / VFX
Male / Female Voiceover
Video Music / Soundtrack
Text box
Text & Titles
Video trimming
Professional Video Editing
2 Free Revisions

About Girgit Studios | Animation Films Design:

We are a design studio specializing in animation. We Girgits (meaning Chameleon in Hindi), camouflage! We shift our colours & style with every project we do. With over 25 years of combined core team experience in designing Animated communication content, our talented team of designers, writers, artists and animators quickly grasp the brief, and discover unique and creative ways to interpret it and then seamlessly blend art, technology and storytelling, until we arrive at the best design for your explainer Video!

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