Film Series for Marico

Mix of Both Style Can deliver in 30 Days ₹ 5,00,000/- onwards

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MIF Talkies Episode 1 Gorilla Fans: This is part of an interesting series of films that is an initiative of marico innovation foundation to realise and bring forth innovations that transforms india in all spheres of life. conceptualised and produced by team thatz it pvt. ltd. great innovation by atomberg - gorilla fans... totally transforming. our premiere episode of #miftalkies features the 'gorilla fan': india's most energy efficient fan, an innovation by ex-iitians sibabrata das and manoj meena, founders of atomberg technologies. you can buy your very own gorilla fan here -

Price includes:

Ideas & Concepts
Video editing
Script Development
Land surveying
Shoot Equipments & Gear
User groups
Production Crew
Google images
Onlocation Photo Shoot
Motion Graphics
Text box
Text & Titles
Video trimming
Professional Video Editing
2 Free Revisions

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We talk to our clients and we listen to them. Their stories become ours, their message is what we seek to put out in the most comprehensive and unique manner possible. What sets us apart, truly, is the invaluable relationships we build with brands and clients. The driving force of the eclectic innovative solutions we specialize in, is our expertise across the four pillars that define brand Thatz it – Film, Animation, Design and Technology. These creative verticals coalesce into the core of what makes our minds tick, here at Thatz it.

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