Timescity Community Event Video - La Compagnia

Live Action Style Can deliver in 15 Days ₹ 2,50,000/- onwards

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About this work:

A community dinner table that puts the focus back on the art of eating well, *La Compagnia* is a notion more than an event. Bringing together 10 strangers from different walks of life, it intends to find a common thread between all of them through a shared love of food.

Price includes:

Ideas & Concepts
Video editing
Script Development
Conference call
Actors & Models
Land surveying
Shoot Equipments & Gear
Studio / Location
User groups
Production Crew
Video call
Custom Video Shoot
Google images
Onlocation Photo Shoot
Magic wand
Special Effects / VFX
Video Music / Soundtrack
Text box
Text & Titles
Video trimming
Professional Video Editing
2 Free Revisions

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