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In this world, inventions and discoveries have been the result of scarcity, inconveniences or even geographic barriers which asked questions.It has always been the result of quest and curiousity.At Tobacco Films and Communications, we enjoy this. In fact, we thrive on it.. We just love challenges - they bring the best out of us.Look at Olympic Games for example. Countries with 1/10th of the population of Maharashtra win more medals than India.Countries with much less natural resources, conducive terrain and unstable political systems manage to win more medals than India.The reason is simple. They surmount obstacles. They overcome challenges. With grit. And determination. It brings out the best in them.We at Tobacco Films & Communications always seek a challenge. With fresh ideas, lateral thinking and common sense, we endeavour to find the best soltion.That's how we succeed, At times, we struggle as well. However, the thought of having given it our best shot keeps us going, keeps us buoyant, keeps us alive.So if you have a challenge, do bring it to us. We would love to give it a shot.Our best shot.

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